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08 May 2008 @ 06:00 pm
Music Drabble Meme Response  
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I picked Torchwood General Fandom.

All are pretty much G/PG rated. Spoilers for all of Series One and Two. Completely random as was the intention of the meme.:)

1. Please Remember Me: John Barrowman- 4:23

They gathered around the computer screen, Ianto standing back in a semi shock. Perhaps Tosh had it right. Making a final entry, wanting everyone to remember her, hopeful that she had done a good job, that she had made Jack proud of her.

Ianto wanted that too. He wanted, like Tosh, for those who remained on the team to remember him as he was before his death, not the way he was as he was dying.

He wanted Gwen to know how he loved her company. How she always made him laugh. And he wanted Jack to know how much he cared, how much he always cared and always would.

That is how Ianto wanted to be remembered. With love.

2. Flying Without Wings: Westlife- 3:36

Owen knew this was goodbye. The white silk scarf felt like soft skin around his neck as he ran it between his fingers. He didn’t know if he wanted to watch Diane fly off into the unknown, but he knew that if he didn’t, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

She had allowed him to feel alive again after so long. When they were together, it was unlike anything he had ever experienced, unlike anything he had ever felt. It started out innocently, but turned into something much more.          

Because when we take off  together, it's the next best thing to flying.

3. No One: Aly & AJ- 2:57

They didn’t understand. Nobody could. They hadn’t loved like Ianto. They hadn’t lost. No one knew how he felt, watching the one person he ever loved being turned into a monster.

He had the opportunity to help her, to save her. He wasn’t about to pass that up. He knew that no one could know what he was doing, keeping the Cyber conversion unit in the Hub. They wouldn’t approve. They wouldn’t allow it. Ianto would do it on his own. He would do it all on his own. He would be the hero. He would be Lisa’s hero.

4. Band of Gold: Freda Payne- 2:55

Gwen didn’t think that it would ever happen. Everything in the universe seemed to be against her and Rhys finding happiness. On her own wedding day, she had woken up pregnant carrying an alien.

But here they were now, dancing slowly in eachother’s arms, Gwen twisting the gold band wistfully on her finger, a bright smile painted on her face, happier than she had ever been. She knew in that moment that when it came to working for Torchwood, nothing would ever be perfect, but when she was with Rhys it would always be.

5. On the Ride:Aly & AJ- 3:31

“Grass... Trees... Fresh air.” Owen scoffed. “Bollocks, I say. Why couldn’t I just stay behind.”

“Must you make everything about you?” Gwen sighed. “Can’t you for once sit back and enjoy the ride.”

“This country stuff.... all pointless. We all needed to be here? Noooooo.”

“It won’t be so bad” Gwen assured him. “You never know. You might even have fun.” She mocked a gasp. “Imagine that! Owen Harper having a good time.”

“All fun and games until somebody ends up shot.”

6. Being Alive: John Barrowman- 3:14

Jack felt strangely alive in the arms of the soldier from whom he had gotten his name. All eyes were on them, but Jack didn’t notice. He was lost in the very moment, in the Captain’s arms, swaying slowly to the music.

Jack felt like he belonged. He was comfortable as himself, dancing with the man who in less than 24 hours would lose his life. If Jack had known back then, maybe he could have changed things

For now, he could only enjoy the moment. Enjoy life.

7. Rush: Aly & AJ- 3:11

The wind whipped through Gwen’s hair. She felt the cold bite at her skin and her eyes begin to water because of the breezing air as she ran. She should have been use to this by now. She had been chasing criminals for the police and now she was doing the same for Torchwood... or rather, she was running from alien creatures.

The feeling was the same. She had a purpose, a goal, in this case, staying alive. And she always loved the rush.

8. Collapsed: Aly & AJ- 2:57

Was this what death felt like? She feared that there was nothing waiting on the other side for her now as Gwen collapsed to the ground, pain stinging in her side. She knew she had been shot, but she was unaware of how bad it actually was.

Everything moved in slow motion. She could hear the voices around her, knew in her mind that they belonged to Jack and Owen, but the pain and fear overwhelmed her. She fought to stay in the world of the living.

She was terrified that she couldn’t.

9. Life Will Go On: Chris Isaak- 3:08

They all gathered around the autopsy table. Owen Harper. He had lived an interesting life, an active life. He had died a hero. Ianto, Tosh and Gwen watched as Martha Jones prepared to begin the autopsy. They wondered if they would have been able to step in front of a bullet.

Owen did. He had been stronger and braver than any of them. And he had paid for his bravery with his life.

10. Tell My Father: John Barrowman- 4:01

Gwen threw her hands up in the air. “So I suppose I just walk up the aisle looking like I’m ready to push out a turkey and hope nobody notices?!”

Jack took a deep breath and shrugged. “You could always say it’s gas.”

Owen chuckled.

“I am so glad that you two think this is so funny! What am I supposed to tell my mum? What do I tell my dad? ‘Sorry, just carrying alien spawn.’”

“How would that go over?” Jack asked. “Because that might be the direction you have to go if we don’t take care of this now.”